TreeAustria Pro Shoulder Strap Kit

Enhance comfort and weight distribution with DRAYER’s TreeAustria Pro harness suspenders. Ideal for extended work sessions.

DRAYER's suspenders for the TreeAustria Pro harness redefine comfort and convenience for demanding professionals. Specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with the TreeAustria Pro harness, this set provides a comprehensive solution for tasks involving heavy material transport on the belt.


Crafted from high-quality breathable material, the broad straps ensure absolute comfort even during prolonged use. These suspenders offer optimal weight distribution, ensuring an ergonomic work experience, especially when carrying bulky tools or materials.


The two front fabric loops add extra functionality by allowing the convenient transport of additional gear. Customized fit is ensured by the three sliding buckles and the chest clip, enabling easy adaptation to various body types.


Quick installation and removal are facilitated by the lightweight special carabiners, providing additional convenience in the field. Delivered ready for assembly, this set includes all necessary parts, offering a complete and ready-to-use solution to enhance your elevated work experience. Invest in comfort and performance with DRAYER's TreeAustria Pro harness suspenders.

CAD $179.95

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