HOLI Adjustable Friction Saver – 1.5 m

The HOLI adjustable friction saver, equipped with a ring and pulley, offers simple adjustment, robustness, and lightweight for two-person rescue operations.

The 1.5 m HOLI adjustable friction saver by R-Easy Climbing is a versatile and sturdy tool designed for rescue and anchoring operations. Featuring an easy ejection mechanism and a simple yet efficient adjustment system, this adjustable friction saver delivers reliable performance in a variety of situations.


Certified for use by two individuals, this friction saver is ideal for rescue operations requiring safe and precise handling. The two connection eyelets located just above the ring and pulley provide unmatched versatility, offering multiple configurations to suit various anchoring needs.


Manufactured in France with strict quality standards, all components of the friction saver undergo meticulous fabrication processes at the R-Easy Climbing workshop in Vendée. The 7075 aluminum rings undergo special treatment to enhance their abrasion resistance, ensuring exceptional durability even in the most demanding conditions.


In summary, the HOLI adjustable friction saver by R-Easy Climbing offers a perfect combination of functionality, reliability, and manufacturing quality, meeting the requirements of professionals for safe and efficient rescue and anchoring operations.

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Technical Information


R-Easy Climbing


1.5 m


2500 daN


524 g



Anodized 7075 Aluminum

Outer Diameter

79,5 mm

Inner Diameter

58 mm



Anodized 7075 Aluminum


Pulley mounted on

sealed ball bearings

Pulley Diameter

30 mm

Adjustment Loop


Recovery Shackle



polyester / aramid


CE EN 795 B

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Weight 3.3 lbs
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