Edelrid Talon Spurs With Short Spikes

EDELRID TALON Short Spurs: Lightweight, ergonomic, and durable. Featuring a three-directional adjustment system for a perfect fit.

EDELRID TALON Spurs embody excellence in comfort, performance, and durability in the field of arboriculture. With an innovative design following the natural shape of the leg, these spurs offer an exceptional climbing experience.

Their steel construction combines different materials for each part, ensuring both lightness and robustness.


The integration of ventilated mesh in the padding allows for better breathability, ensuring increased comfort even during extended climbs. Additionally, the three-directional adjustment system on the lower bindings provide the possibility of a personalized fit to perfectly suit the user's boot, maximizing stability and safety.


All textile parts are easily removable, washable, and replaceable, offering increased convenience and durability for long-term use.


EDELRID TALON Spurs are the ideal choice for climbers seeking reliable, ergonomic, and high-performing equipment.

CAD $849.95

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