Vega Climbing Rope, Orange & Grey – 11.7 mm

The Vega climbing rope, certified CE EN1891 and UKCA, pushes the boundaries of performance for modern arborist climbers. With a minimal elongation of just 1.2%, Vega offers quicker ascents, reduces bouncing, and fatigue. Specifically designed for mechanical climbing devices and contemporary techniques.

• Low Elongation: Reduces bouncing and fatigue with a minimal elongation of 1.2%.
• Polyester Core: Low elongation and energy absorption, ideal for SRT climbing.
• 24-Strand Polyester Jacket: Exceptional flexibility without compromising durability.
• Easy Handling: Optimized design for easy splicing and quick installation.
• UV Resistance: Excellent durability even in challenging outdoor conditions.
• High Visibility: Vibrant colors for easy identification and enhanced safety.
• Versatility: Compatible with various climbing devices.
• Lightweight: Exceptional performance in a lightweight form.

Climb confidently with the Vega climbing rope from Marlow Ropes™.


Products with splices are custom made. Manufacturing times are 1 working week.

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Technical information

Diameter 11.7 mm
Elongation 50 – 150 kg (%) 1.2 %
Elongation at 540 lb (%) 2.6 %
Shrinkage (%) 0 %
Average Static strength
ex terminations (kN)
36.8 kN
Average Static strength with
figure 8 loop (kN)
18.9 kN
Material polyester
Type 24 plait polyester


CE EN1891 Type B, UKCA


2021 Datasheet

Weight 30 lbs
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