Notch™ Glide Rope Grab

The Notch™ Glide Rope Grab has been designed to offer you a uncompromising work experience. With smooth one-handed operation and multiple friction settings, it ensures ergonomic grip and unparalleled precision.

Product Details: The Notch™ Glide Rope Grab is a cam-based horizontal and vertical work positioning lanyard adjuster. Thanks to its intuitive design, it can be operated single-handedly, providing responsive rope payout and take up. Its gentle and non-aggressive clutch can be adjusted under load, minimizing any unwanted sit-back during use. The device comes with a size-specific removable cam, allowing for optimal rope tension across three friction settings. As a result, it is suitable for ropes ranging from 11 to 13 mm in diameter or wire-core lanyards, eliminating the need for additional cams.

Features & Benefits:
• Rope capacity from 11 mm to 13 mm for maximum flexibility.
• Size-specific removable cam offers optimal rope tension and adjustments for wire-core lanyards.
• On-the-fly adjustment under load for real-time adaptation to your needs.
• Soft and non-aggressive clutch for enhanced rope protection.
• No need for additional cams, simplifying usability.
• Virtually no sit-back, ensuring continuous control.
• Intuitive design with ergonomic grip for superior performance.
• Individual serial number for enhanced traceability.
• Conforms to ASTM F887 standards, a hallmark of safety and quality.
• Swivel eye to prevent rope twisting.
• CE certification according to Technical Specification No. 64055/2022, covering climbing ropes.

CAD $195.86

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Weight .5 lbs


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