Leather Axe Pouch, Lumberjack Belt Accessory

The leather axe pouch is manufactured with a plastic lining and can be easily attached to your lumberjack belt.

Weaver Leather's® Leather Axe Pouch combines elegance and functionality to ensure optimal protection for your equipment. Specifically designed to fit most standard axes, this pouch offers generous interior dimensions.


The combination of high-quality leather with a plastic lining enhances the durability of this pouch, protecting it from cuts and external elements. The plastic lining provides an additional layer of security without compromising style or maneuverability. It also ensures complete protection against moisture, thus extending the lifespan of your axe.


The leather axe pouch can be easily attached to the Weaver Leather® lumberjack belt.


Its ergonomic design facilitates safe transportation and storage of your axe, whether for professional or leisure use. Whether you're a wood professional or a camping enthusiast, this axe pouch offers peace of mind while preserving the quality and functionality of your essential tool. Invest in protecting your equipment with Weaver Leather's leather pouch for complete peace of mind during your travels or storage.

CAD $71.78

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• Interior Length: 8.5″
• Interior Height: 7.25″
• Interior Width: 1″
• Total Length: 9.5″
• Total Height: 9.5″
• Total Width: 1.5″
Weight .5 lbs


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