HERBOL Cambium Saver from CAMP – 90 cm

The Herbol Cambium Saver by CAMP is a flexible and robust anchoring system (24 kN) with anodized rings designed to protect trees during work at heights.

Manufactured by CAMP, the Herbol Cambium Saver is a flexible anchoring system created to establish secure anchor points using tree branches or artificial horizontal structures. The strong and durable strap is specifically designed to withstand the challenges of working at heights while preserving the integrity of the tree.


Equipped with anodized end rings, color-coded and available in different sizes, the Herbol simplifies installation and removal from the ground when used with a rope length and the Herbol Ball. The Herbol Ball enhances the stability and safety of the system.


With a strength of 24 kN, the Herbol Cambium Saver ensures exceptional resistance to ensure the safety of workers at heights. Versatile and reliable, this system provides an effective solution for professionals working at heights while respecting the health of trees and the environment. Add the Herbol Cambium Saver to your equipment for secure and sustainable anchoring during your work at heights.

CAD $65.33

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Weight .6 lbs


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