Dielectric Fibreglass Pole – 10 feet

The Hastings dielectric fibreglass pole, 10 feet in length, tested to withstand up to 100 kV per foot according to ASTM, OSHA, and IEC standards.

The Hastings dielectric fibreglass pole is designed to provide optimal safety during electrical work. Each pole undergoes dielectric testing with an electrical gradient of 100 kV per foot, complying with industry standards such as ASTM, OSHA, and IEC.


Key Features:

  • Robust Material: Made from fibreglass, offering insulation and resistance to electrical shocks.

  • Dimensions: 10 feet in length with a round diameter of 1.25 inches, ideal for portability and practical use.

  • Safety Standards: Certified to withstand an electrical gradient of 100 kV per foot, ensuring maximum protection when used near electrical sources.

  • Versatile Applications: Perfect for electrical work, maintenance of power lines, and other applications requiring electrical insulation.

  • Standards Compliance: Meets strict requirements of ASTM, OSHA, and IEC standards, ensuring optimal quality and safety for users.

The Hastings 4109 dielectric pole is a reliable choice for professionals working near power lines, offering both safety, durability, and performance.

CAD $254.10

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