ALGO Friction Device by R-Easy Climbing

ALGO  friction device by R-Easy Climbing: ideal for restraining and controlling the fall of branches and logs up to 250 kg, with a lightweight design.

The ALGO friction device by R-Easy Climbing is an essential equipment for tree dismantling operations, offering exceptional safety and control during the fall of branches and logs. Designed for use in small to medium-sized retentions, this versatile device is suitable for ground use by the ground worker as well as for tree use by the climber, allowing for effective self-restraint.


With a dynamic load retention range of up to 250 kg, the ALGO device ensures reliable performance even in the most demanding conditions. Its lightweight design makes it easy to handle and transport, providing great mobility in the field.


Precisely manufactured in France, both the device body and the spring are machined to the strictest standards, ensuring exceptional quality and durability. Additionally, the device comes with a leather protective cover, contributing to ecological use by utilizing leather from the circular economy.


In summary, the ALGO friction device by R-Easy Climbing offers a perfect combination of performance, reliability, and durability, meeting the needs of forestry professionals for safe and efficient operations.

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Technical information


R-Easy Climbing


Aluminium 7075


640 g

Breaking Load

2500 daN


300 mm


100 mm

Rope diameter

ideal 12 mm
(possibility to work with a
14mm rope)

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Weight 1.5 lbs
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